Please review the terms and conditions of our contract before contacting us about any puppies and/or dogs that are available. We want our puppies to go to loving homes and have certain requirements for potential homes.



Tiffany Spurlock & Doyle Scantlin ~ Owners

Tiffany Spurlock                                                                Doyle Scantlin

PO Box 462                                                                       PO Box 462

Bismarck, AR 71929                                                         Bismarck, AR 71929

Hot Spring County, AR                                                      Hot Spring County, AR

Phone: 501-467-2788                                                       501-865-6026





BUYER  NAME(s): ________________________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________

CITY________________________________________ STATE__________ZIP_________________

HOME PHONE: __________________________  CELL PHONE: _____________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS________________________________________________________________




Vet Name/Clinic: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address:_________________________________________________   City/State: __________________________

Phone:_______________________________________           Fax:_______________________________________


This agreement is made between:

     Herein and after referred to as "SELLER" (Beaton Creek Boxers), and “BUYER” (identified above) for the purchase and sale of the described adult dog/puppy below on the following terms and conditions of the sale. This adult dog/puppy is a purebred BOXER.





NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________ of BCB

Age:_______________ Color __________________Sex____________________

Sire Name: __________________________________________________  Registered  AKC #_________________

Dame Name: _________________________________________________  Registered AKC #__________________

Total Cost: $____________________         Deposit amount:$___________________


Balance due upon pickup: $________________________


 The Registered Name of said puppy/adult dog must be "of BCB." This shall apply to all puppies purchased from Beaton Creek Boxers. BUYER shall be free to name any future generations from purchased adult dog/puppy as desired.


SELLER will supply up to date health record information to the BUYER at the time of transfer of said puppy/dog along with verification that registration has been completed. BUYER will receive an email to complete the AKC registration.


SELLER guarantees dog/puppy to be sound and free of diseases at the time of transfer of said dog/puppy to BUYER for a period of 48 hours. BUYER agrees to have said puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt of said puppy. If the said puppy is to be found in poor health (verified by a written statement from a licensed veterinarian and authenticated by SELLER), BUYER will have two options:


1. To keep said puppy/adult dog assuming all costs for its care.

2. Get a replacement puppy of equal quality when one becomes available from a different litter.


SELLER has the right to request a second opinion from a non-associated veterinarian of their choice at SELLER's expense.



SELLER guarantees this puppy against any inheritable / genetic defects up to 12 months of age. SELLER will replace (of equal value) with a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian for the following genetic defects:


• Failure to receive a normal reading from Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

• Failure to receive a passing rating on hips from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

• Additional debilitating conditions due to genetic health problems. These must be discovered within 12 months of birth of said puppy.


Statements must be submitted by two different veterinarians certifying that said dog/puppy is suffering from one of the following: epilepsy, thyroid, immune suppression, degenerative myelopathy, or brain tumors due to genetic mutations. At that time BUYER can either keep said dog/puppy and assume all medical expenses OR return said dog/puppy, at BUYER'S expense, for a replacement puppy of equal value from a different litter.

SELLER reserves the right to refuse the sale of any of their puppies/adult dogs to anyone.

SELLER has the right to, at any time, decide to stop breeding BOXERS. In this case, if a replacement puppy/adult dog cannot be given, then all attempts to work out an agreement between BUYER and SELLER will be attempted.

SELLER makes no guarantees regarding accidental death, theft, or sickness due to lack of vaccinations or proper care.

BUYER must provide proper nutrition* for all puppies/adult dogs through feeding a premium** puppy/dog food.


* NO grain feed or PURINA brand feeds are to be given at any time for the first year of the dog/puppy's life. Doing so will VOID this health guarantee.

** Only GRAIN-FREE feeds will be acceptable for this health guarantee.


No rawhide toys or chews of any kind are to be given to this boxer at any time. This can result in serious injury or death.

No Acepromazine should be administered to this boxer at any time, please advise your vet that this drug is dangerous to Boxers.


BUYER agrees that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will said adult dog/puppy be placed in an animal shelter, puppy mill, or research facility. If BUYER should relinquish the ownership of said adult dog/puppy, this contract shall be null and void.


BUYER must not breed said puppy/adult dog prior to 18 months of age, or the second Heat Cycle.


BUYER must keep well maintained communication with SELLER regarding all medical treatment said puppy/adult dog receives in 3 month intervals during the first year after sale and yearly thereafter, unless said dog/puppy is being treated for specific illness. In such cases, it is expected that BUYER informs SELLER of all treatments and diagnoses immediately, as well as any updates on condition and treatments.


In the event of divorce or separation, BUYER is required to provide information to SELLER as to who will retain ownership of said adult dog/puppy.




A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a female or male puppy/adult dog. The said adult dog/puppy may be paid for by any of the following methods:

• Cash

• Walmart Moneygram

• Pay Pal transfer

• Venmo


Deposits MUST BE PAID within 48 hours after choosing the Boxer puppy/adult dog of BUYER'S choice. Deposits not paid in that time frame will constitute forfeiture of the sale of said puppy/adult dog.


If the puppy/adult dog is not picked up by the specified date, BUYER shall forfeit all monies already paid, AND ownership of said puppy/adult dog shall remain with SELLER.


NOTE: If BUYER resides outside the State of Arkansas, an additional fee of $75.00 is required by Arkansas State Law for a dog/puppy to cross state lines. This fee must be paid 2 weeks prior to pickup.


ALL PUPPIES MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE AKC. SELLER has the right to confiscate all puppies that are not properly registered. If BUYER chooses to purchase from SELLER for the purpose of a pet only, and AKC registration is not desired, BUYER must absolutely make this choice known to SELLER prior to purchase.


All puppies are expected to be picked up between 8 and 12 weeks of age; if this condition is not met, SELLER will add fees for boarding, feeding, and veterinarian surcharges per day, to be added to the total amount due at pickup. Adult dogs are expected to be picked up within two weeks of payment of deposit. If this condition is not met, SELLER will add fees for boarding, feeding, and veterinarian surcharges per day, to be added to the total amount due at pickup.




If a puppy is not picked up by 12 weeks of age or a dog isn’t picked up within 2 weeks of deposit, unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon by the SELLER, the following fees will be accrued and due upon pickup.


• $30 per day Boarding Fee. All puppies/adult dogs live in housing where proper heating and cooling are provided, as well as crates, bedding, and other necessary amenities for comfort and safety of the animals.

• $10 per day Feeding Fee. Beaton Creek Boxers feeds ONLY premium feeds to its Boxers.

• $75 fee for all puppies that require the SELLER to provide the second and third sets of puppy vaccines, including rabies, as well as any office visit costs accrued.

• $50 fee for each puppy requiring heart worm prevention while still housed with SELLER.

• BUYER will also be responsible for any and all costs of emergency veterinary care for puppies/adult dogs not picked up by the specified date.


In case of adult dogs/puppies not picked up by the specified date that have accrued charges for boarding/feeding/veterinarian services, as stated in the previous section of this contract, the adult dog/puppy shall remain the property of Beaton Creek Boxers until the complete unpaid balance has been paid. BUYER shall forfeit all monies paid prior to that point and Beaton Creek Boxers (SELLER) retains the right to seek damages against BUYER for any unpaid services and recovery fees. BUYER shall also forfeit all rights to said adult dog/puppy and shall be prohibited from purchasing from Beaton Creek Boxers in the future.



SELLER shall be responsible for the following:

• Proper care and veterinary treatment of all sires and dames through the mating process and pregnancy.

• Safe and secure delivery of puppies, including c-section delivery if recommended by a veterinary professional for the health and well-being of dame and puppies.

• Tail docking and dew claw removal.

• First round of puppy vaccines as well as worming of puppies. SELLER shall provide a second set of vaccinations if puppy is still at Beaton Creek Boxers.

• Proper vaccines, heart worm treatment and medical needs of adult dogs that are to be sold.

• Proper treatment for common illnesses such as Coccidia and Giardia.

• Beginning crate training and basic socialization.

• Proper nutrition for all puppies/adult dogs through feeding only premium puppy/dog foods.

• Wellness visits to a licensed veterinary professional.


Let it be known that this contract supersedes all previous contracts, both written and verbal, between SELLER and BUYER as well as all contracts, both written and verbal, made between NON-BUYERS whose animals are housed at Beaton Creek Boxers.


BUYER has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts of this contract are a legal and binding agreement with the SELLER. If either party takes legal action regarding this contract, such action shall be initiated in Hot Spring county, Arkansas, wherein SELLERS’ reside and legal fees, and all court costs shall be the responsibility of the party found to be at fault.



Beaton Creek Boxers always appreciates feedback from our customers. We request that each new family write a review about their experience with Beaton Creek Boxers, though this is not a requirement. We ask that customers do so, therefore please let us know if you, as BUYER


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