Suki Takara Isaroso was the start of Beaton Creek Boxers and our first mama. She is a happy, fun-loving 12 year old bag of affection. Her grandmotherly instincts are what all of our first time mamas look for. Suki is grandmother to Chewbaca Bubba Ray Cuddlebear and Jazmyn Miracle Takara, and great-grandmother to Yoda Master McKrakken, Rayvan De'Maniac, and Prince Ace Chewleia Obenchain of BCB, and Asajj Black-Tipped Ventress of BCB (now THAT'S a mouthful!). As you can see by the gray in her face, she has been around for a long time. We really love our Suki-Dog!!


Lily White Luna was retired many years ago and never bred. She is one of our resident cloud dogs. We love our sweet Luna and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. This loving girl always knows when she's needed and is always ready to comfort those in need. Being an older and wiser Boxer, she also helps keep the others in line...
Sheba Shan is a retired female. She produced two litters for us but had complications with the second, causing her uterus to be removed. (It was a very sad time for us, but we have had Sheba since birth and is our second baby in the family. Our four- legged family is just as important as our two-legged one… Sheba is a little plump and maybe lays on my bed a little too much, but that’s how it will be until she crosses the rainbow bridge.
Princess Leia Cuddlebug has birthed many beautiful puppies while here at Beaton Creek Boxers. She was originally acquired to be a companion to our Chewbaca Bubba Ray Cuddlebear and had all the qualities we were looking for. Princess had three litters and unfortunately we had to have her spayed after her last litter to ensure that she was able to live a long and productive life. She has been a great mother and still loves to clean all the dogs' faces and ears. She will remain at Beaton Creek Boxers until it is her time to cross the rainbow bridge.

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